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Recently I’ve been trying to acquire quality one way links to my site, and at first it was frustrating because all I could find were no-follow links, with no page rank.  Then I stumbled upon a blog that allowed keywords to be used as long as you used Yourname@YourKeywords format (i.e KeywordLuv).  Then it occurred to me that I could easily find high page rank, and relevant links with keyword rich anchor text.  The way to do this is to use a firefox plugin called SEO Quake.  SEO Quake allows you to sort by page rank of a web page for a specific keyword in the search engines.  So for example, say I went to google and typed in: “internet marketing” this site uses keywordluv.  Then goto advanced settings and select the top 50 searches to show on one search query.  Then you sort by page rank, and voila! You have a list of extremely relevant, high PR blogs that you can comment on!

I’ve been using this method frequently, and it’s allowed me to find very many links in a short period of time.  I was doing this manually since I wanted to test it out and see how it worked first.  I kept track of where I made my posts in excel and referred back to them after a couple of days to see if they were approved or not.  Well, the good news is that I’ve had over a 50% success rate with it, and I’ve been getting a lot of PR 1-6 links with my anchor text.  And this is not the page rank of the site, but of the pages themselves!

So if you use this SEO tactic frequently, you’ll most likely see some great results with it.  I’ll probably be outsourcing this task so that I don’t have to do this manually any more since I know it works.  I’m going to continue testing more SEO techniques to see if they work, and if they do I will report back here.

Oh and yea, please when making the comments, contribute and don’t just post “thanks for this post” or something like that!  Website owners don’t like that, and most likely won’t approve your comment and label it as spam.  So keep this in mind, and you’ll be good to go!

Also, don’t get discouraged if not all sites approve your comments.  The key to this technique is numbers, so post as many comments as you can daily and soon you’ll have so many quality links you won’t know what to do with yourself.  You can also outsource it, since it can get quite tedious and time consuming, and focus on things that really give you the most leverage for your business.



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  1. OK, I am so trying this right now. Great idea!

  2. Another link building techniques that I want to learn. This SEO Quake is I think a very effective one, as I’ve read this article it seems very interesting. SEO are always finds way in order to make the work faster and easier but a relevnat one.
    Thanks for the new techniques that you had been shared. It really helps a lot.
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  3. A great way to leave your links to a blog is by keywordluv. These tools are great and been using it to search for good high PR blogs.

  4. Keyword Luv plugin is another great way to reward your commentators. What it does is basically allow commentators to add keyword rich anchor text pointing to your website.This is great because it makes your blog look less spammy when users put keywords as their name.
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  5. Great! Now that’s a new strategy to be learned. I think these tools are good and has to be implemented in every blogs. I want to learn about it. You help a lot thank you!

  6. I think the KeywordLuv plugin look interesting, because you have the opportunity to gain a dofollow link that is increasingly hard to get nowadays and the advantage of it you can use a anchor text.

    Thanks for this Information.
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  7. Well, I have reached this site using this keyword:

    “This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.”

    And I’m too happy having read this effective technique of link building.

    Yes, in Google search setting we have option to show result up to 100 and then shorting the sites based on PR would give good link juice.

    One thing I find that most of the high PR pages have too many comments so too many OBls so posting on even zero pr would also be helpful, I think as well.
    Mike Pablate@Making Money Online recently posted..Benefit of Forum Link Building

  8. Great tip here… Building backlinks is definately one of those areas that I need to work on, but this is a great hint. Hope to get a good system set up and follow it.

  9. Great link building technique I would surely give it a try and report back if I have any success.Thanks

  10. I figured out that blog comment with sites in the same niche as mine will be helpful. But a webmaster should also be aware that this might be seen as spam by the search engines.
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  11. There are lots of techniques of Link Building and this work will never end as long as online business is still going on. Using Keyword plugins can do much about link building and truly helps link builders to gain more relevant links that counts for their benefits.

  12. Yes these plug-ins are very helpful in attracting more visitors to our blog. I hope wordpress makes the process of installing these plugs-ins in a much easier way because not many understand them easily.

  13. I have been use these technique for two or three days I found it is very useful for create quality back links. Its great opportunity for commenters to use their keywords instead of name.

  14. I have to admit, i have tried using keywordluv to help build links to my blog. I have being doing this manually though. I had never tried out SEO Quake before. I have never even heard of it to be honest. I’ll have a wee look for it and let you know how i get on with it. Thanks.

  15. KeywordLuv is my favorite plugin of all time. Because its allow blog readers by seperating their name from their keywords in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text. how great is that?
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  16. well been doing commenting a lot and keywordluv is a great tool to search for high pr blogs

  17. It is difficult to find blogs using commentluv or keywordluv plugin these days because nowadays there are many spam sites that have created pages with titles like “this site uses keyword luv”.
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  18. KeywordLuv is really a great tool reward your loyal critics and commenter. Of course they are contributing an important factor for your blog.
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  19. I think these tools are good and has to be implemented in every blogs. I want to learn about it. You help a lot thank you!
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  20. Wow, you are telling our secrets :) This is a solid way of ranking your sites high on Google. Gone are the days that you could just buy links. Now with the newly revised Google, the best way to rank is to have relevant sites link back to yours, also have a natural and gradual link building. Don’t look like a robot.

    Thanks for great article.
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  21. Great tip! Didn’t now about this plugin. Going to check it out right away. Although Im using Chrome, but if this plugin only work with Firefox I will switch to it. Also a great tip about outsourcing it. Do you have any recommandation of how to find good people doing this for you, also not to expansive?
    Sven@Flyttfirma Stockholm recently posted..The version of CommentLuv on this site is out of date and will soon stop working. Please ask the webmaster to update their CommentLuv in the dashboard of this site! This version will continue to work for a few more weeks and then stop.

  22. Have bookmarked this post and will try SEO Quake. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Hi, I tried to use your technique on google, but can’t seem to find ‘advanced settings’ with the ‘top 50 searches’ and ‘sort by pagerank’. I can see Advanced search but even then I can’t see ‘top 50 searches’ and ‘sort by pagerank’. I would really like to use this technique, can someone help me please! Thanks

  24. Nice idea, but is it really a good idea to set links without consider about the amount of links you are create. I thought google checks for the links if they come naturally way. Means, if you set a lot of links in a short time period could be a problem?
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  25. I am agree with you. For quality link back seo quake and keywordluv is most important techniques. please suggest some more techniques to find the quality back link. Keep continue…

  26. I only started using KeywordLuv Plug-in recently. So far I’m enjoying it!
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  27. Great! Now that’s a new strategy to be learned. I think these tools are good and has to be implemented in every blogs. I want to learn about it.
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  28. Well this takes some of the pain out of searching, thanks for the info. I didn\’t realise there was that level of depth to SEO quake, thanks again!

  29. Thanks for the new techniques that you had been shared. It really helps a lot.
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  30. You have really simplified everything . I was supposed to get discourage since some of my post are not approved, now I know it is part of commenting. It really pays to read blogs like this.
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  31. I will start by saying that this was a great article! A lot of people who are new (and old) to online marketing don’t know the power behind this link building technique.

    Whether effective or not, utilizing every tool you have at your disposal is key to ensuring that you’re successful in the online industry. But, you’re right, commenting just for the sake of commenting will get you no where.

    Just as you would like people to read your articles, give the authors some common courtesy and ACTUALLY read their work.
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  32. I think these tools are good and has to be implemented in every blogs. I want to learn about it.
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